The Trains


Commuters will benefit from safer, modern and efficient trains, with less overcrowding, and improved comfort and travel times. NGR trains will service all lines in South East Queensland.

The new trains will replace an aging fleet and increase the current fleet by 30%.


NGR trains are fully designed and engineered by Bombardier (now Alstom Transport Australia) in Brisbane.

The trains have been designed to operate for both suburban and interurban service.

Key features of the trains include:

  • 6 car permanently coupled 25kV EMU
  • 140 km/h top speed
  • Narrow Gauge Bogie
  • The coupled trains will allow access between all six carriages, enabling passengers to travel through from one end of the train to the other
  • All NGR trains will be equipped with toilet facilities and WiFi.

The NGR trains are being maintained in a new purpose-built Maintenance Centre, at Wulkuraka, near Ipswich Queensland.


Production of the first trains commenced during November 2014 at Bombardier’s modern state-of-the-art facility in Savli, India.

The first train arrived in February 2016 to undergo testing prior to beginning service on the network in December 2017.

The remaining NGR fleet were progressively rolled out onto the network through to late 2019.