European Train Control System Project

European Train Control System Project

Qtectic is currently in discussions with the State on the upcoming ETCS variation works. A final structure, delivery method and price is currently being negotiated.

Qtectic and the State have agreed on State-funded modifications for the ETCS Works which are passed through to Alstom on a back-to-back basis.


  • The State, Qtectic and Alstom have negotiated the terms of the ETCS Amendment Deed (EAD).
  • The State is deploying an Automatic Train Protection system on the Queensland Rail network using a level 2 European Train Control System (ETCS)
  • ETCS is based on cab signalling and intermittent and / or continuous track to train data transmission.
  • ETCS requires the implementation of both on-board and trackside equipment which requires the equipment to be fitted onto the QNGR fleet.
  • The State intends to have this installed across Queensland Rail’s network prior to the opening of the Cross River Rail tunnel targeted for 2024.
  • The ETCS Works modifications are being carried out by the ETCS Contractor (Alstom) at the maintenance centre at Wulkuraka
  • Hitachi Rail will act as a subcontractor to the ETCS Contractor in order to deliver and install the trackside infrastructure
  • The ETCS Contractor will in turn be directly subcontracted by Qtectic under an ETCS Works Contract

ETCS Overview: